In the industrial part of the city of Nis, near the intersection of roads Niš - Leskovac, Niš - Pirot, Niš - Prokuplje, we have built in record time, a magnificent shopping center.
On a total area of ​​plots of 25.000m2, in the city of Nis, which is called the Medijana, by the Nisava River, was built in a very nice shopping center, "Mr Bicolage" in less than 100 days.
The building is constructed of prefabricated AB elements, framed in the system, the range of 6-24m. Everything is based on the foundations of singles and AB cups. The facade is covered with horizontal sandwich panels, and the building is covered with a PVC membrane termoizplacijom and supporting corrugated sheet. The floors are industrial, thickness d = 20cm.
As the accompanying facilities were done substations, substation and AB underground reservoir for firefighting water. Sam shopping center, among other things, is equipped with video surveillance, networked information system, fire sprinkler system to alert, anti-burglary system, sound system, etc..
External infrastructure is done on an area of ​​18.500m2, of which: roads occupied 8.000m2, while the other surface covered parking, plateaus, green areas and comprehensive water supply, sewage and hydrant network.

project information:

  • SMB Gradnja