On different locations in Vojvodina, SMG gradnja built five shopping centers for the KTC Subotica Company which is a daughter company of KTC Križevci from Croatia.

In Subotica, Apatin, Sombor, Bečej and Senta, all lying on approximately 2,5 hectares, in very short periods of time on a turnkey principle, we have built five shopping centers that consist of the sales part, storage and restaurant with kitchen – all on 6,000m2. A gas station with car wash was built as a separate unit. The remaining area of the complex has necessary transport routes, parking spaces, and green spaces. The entire complex is equipped with water and hydrant network, sewage network as well as other necessary infrastructure.

The facilities were built with hot-dip galvanized profiles coated with incombustible facade and roof panels. The flooring is industrial, suitable for this facility type.

All buildings have been constructed in the period September 2006 to December 2007 which means that all five buildings have been completed in only sixteen months.

project information:

Location:Subotica, Sombor, Apatin, Becej, Senta (Serbia)
Investor:"KTC"d.o.o. Subotica
Area:Kompleks 25.000m2
Prodajni prostor 5.000m2
Magacinski deo 1.000m2
Benzinska stanica 300m2
Saobraćajnice, parkinzi, zelene površine 18.700m2
Deadline:2006 - 2007.
  • KTC 01
  • KTC 03
  • KTC 02
  • KTC 04