At the very entrance in Subotica, from the E-75 Bačka Topola-Subotica highway, we have built a magnificent shopping center.

On a total area of 12,600m2 we have built the IDEA Shopping center

The building is constructed as a prefabricated reinforced concrete construction with pad foundation. For the facade, we used the roof membrane system with thermal insulation and ribbed sheet metal. The flooring of the complete building, both sales space as well as warehouse, is industrial concrete floor covered with ceramic tiles.

The building is completely infrastructurally equipped. In the storage area, different types of cold storages have been installed, all with various work regimes while the external part is completely equipped with transport routes, parking spaces as well as all necessary infrastructure such as water and hydrant network, sewage network, green spaces as well as a fence surrounding the whole facility.

project information:

Location:Subotica (Serbia)
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