Only a few hundred meters from the Subotica City Hall, we have built a unique residential-commercial complex.

The basement+ground floor+4 floor residential-commercial building in ĐureĐakovića street is intended for collective housing, except the ground floor that is a commercial space.

In the basement floor parking spaces for the residents, the ground floor has a commercial purpose while on the upper floors there are 23 differently structured apartments. All are equipped with the most luxurious materials and equipment.

The building was founded on Ø60cm diameter and 8,8m long piles over which a 50cm reinforced concrete foundation pad was placed. The basement walls are reinforced concrete walls while the other benches are reinforced concreteframing with solid brick and full 20cm reinforced concreteplates. The roof is a wooden construction covered with clay tiles.

project information:

Location:Subotica (Serbia)
Investor:SMB Gradnja
Description of works:All works
Area:Bruto površina 2.950m2
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