U veoma kratkim rokovima, izgrađen je jedan od najlepših sportskih centara, ovog tipa, u Evropi.

On a 120,000 m2 complex, we have built six football fields – five with natural grass and one with artificial. On all fields drainage channels as well as automatic watering systems have been installed. The main field is illuminated by 1400-1600 lux reflectors and two additional 400 lux ones – all in accordance with the FIFA and UEFA regulations. Beside the football courts, there is also one artificial grass covered training box as well as one tennis court.

As for the sports center facility, it consists of five units: Central block, Office block, Accommodation block, Sport service and Sports hall with the technical block, all on an area of 11,500m2.

Durable and technologically most contemporary materials and equipment were used for the construction. The installation works represent the state of the art technology in terms of installed equipment selection.

A two lane transport route, parking spaces for 140 vehicles and bus parking spaces surround the building. In front of the building and in its back there is a 3,500m2 plateau made from imprinted concrete.

The entire complex is fenced with a plasticized fence with three large automatic slide gates.

project information:

Location:Stara Pazova
Investor:Football Association of Serbia and the Ministry of Youth and Sports
Description of works:All works
Area:Površina kompleksa 120.000m2
Površina objekta 11.500m2
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