Mlekara Subotica is richer for one remarkable warehouse built by SMB gradnja. On a 6,000m2 lot, we have built a raw material storage place.

The facility was built with reinforced concrete prefabricated structures, on reinforced concrete footing and reinforced concretegrooves. The foundation beams are also prefabricated as well is the gallery that was later embedded in concrete. Reinforced concrete roof bearing constructions are at a 16,0m range. The entire facility, facade and roof surfaces are coated with incombustible thermal panels. The floors are industrial, 20cm ferro-concrete.

Water, hydrant, sewage installations were implemented as well as necessary electro installations of weak and strong electricity.

In front of the warehouse a large plateau was paved with 20cm thick reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete sidewalks surround the building and the rest of the complex is covered with green areas. Surface water drainage system drains the waters through closed channels with grids for heavy traffic. The entire complex is equipped with hydrants and a hydrant network.


project information:

Location:Subotica (Serbia)
Investor:„MLEKARA“ a.d. Subotica
Description of works:Complete works with external and interior plateau
Area:Površina kompleksa 6.000m2
Površina objekta 3.100m2
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  • SMB Gradnja
  • SMB Gradnja