Following the construction of all new plants, reconstruction of the existing ones and reconstruction of the complete sewage network, the new Wastewater treatment plant was built by SMB gradnja for this large investor.

Bearing in mind the specificity of this facility, before the designing and construction of the wastewater treatment plant with all its auxiliary facilities, a technological project from the supplier and installer of the equipment needed to be obtained.

The facility was dug in 5m and its foundation is 60cm reinforced concrete plate. The walls are made from 45cm thick and 7,50m tall reinforced concrete. The facility is rectangular shape and is covered with TR sheet metal. The inner reinforced concrete walls were coated with high quality INERTOL POKSIKAL NERT coating from the renowned producer Sika.

As auxiliary facilities, there is a facility for sludge dewatering, machine room as well as a waste disposal facility. The complete sewage network is directed towards the collecting reinforced concrete shaft from which the wastewater is transported to the treatment plant using sludge pumps. After the treatment process, the treated wastewater is transported through the sludge dewatering facility and sewage network to the street collector.

project information:

Location:Subotica (Serbia)
Investor:"MLEKARA" ad Subotica
Description of works:Complete works with the exception of equipment.
Area:Prečistač 500m2
Prateći objekti 600m2
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