In the Subotica Technological park, the first production facility was built by SMB gradnja. In the heart of the new technological park, at the entrance to the city from Sombor, on a 30.000 m2 lot we have built a magnificent production facility which covers an area of 13,800 m2. The administrative part of the building takes up 2,000m2.

The building was constructed using prefabricated reinforced concrete constructions based on pad foundation and reinforced concrete grooves. The facade cladding consists of non-combustible thermal panels in combination with structural glass facade and aluminum facade wall. The roof is covered with PVC membrane with thermal insulation over the bearing high profile ribbed sheet metal roofing. The flooring is industrial, 20cm ferro-concrete.

Due to special conditions and purpose of the building, the interior is equipped with water supply, hydrant, sewage, rain network. The weak and strong electricity, ventilation, air conditioning and heating fully comply with the requirements of this facility.

The external part of the building is completely equipped with water piping, sewage and rain network, hydrant and external candelabra lighting.  Semi imbedded storage tanks for firefighting water as well as reinforced concrete retention has been installed. A transport route with parking spaces for cars and bicycles was constructed all around the building while the remaining space was grassed over. A metal fence with gates encircles the entire complex.

project information:

Location:Subotica (Serbia)
Description of works:ALL landscaping works
Area:Površina kompleksa 30.000m2
Površina objekta 13.800m2
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