We have built the first OMV petrol station in Subotica, in 2002. The complex consisted of the petrol station with a store, restaurant, kitchen and open terrace, children playgrounds, transport routes, parking spaces as well as works on the entire exterior.

The second petrol station with the same characteristics only larger in size was built in Vršac in 2005.

The same year, in a record period of time (38 days) we have finished the Belgrade, Borskastreet petrol station.

During 2007 yet another OMV petrol station was built, this time on Palić, more precisely on the main road leading from Subotica to Palić.

Beside these new petrol stations, we have done a series of reconstructions of smaller and larger petrol stations all around the country.

project information:

Location:Subotica, Palic, Vršac, Beograd (Serbia)
Investor:"OMV Jugoslavija"
Description of works:ALL landscaping works with infrastructure
Area:Prosečna površina kompleksa, jedne benzinske stanice, je cca 5000m2.
Deadline:Subotica 2002., Vršac 2005., Beograd 2005., Palić 2007.
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