SMB gradnja has built many petrol stations for the NIS company in numerous cities across the country. Having a new majority owner and new capital inflow, NIS decided to build completely new stations as well as replace the old ones with new standardized petrol stations. SMB gradnja has so far built four petrol station on mentioned locations and the construction of few more were contracted.

Besides doing all construction works, including the interior and equipment installation, SMB gradnja agreed to provide complete documentation necessary for obtaining all necessary permits and approvals.

This way four projects have been successfully completed and we are expecting soon to start with the next ones – Kikinda and Corridor 10, Novi Sad-Horgoš highway.

project information:

Location:Bačka Toplola, Loznica, Smederevo, Mali Požarevac
Investor:"NIS" a.d. Novi Sad
Description of works:Complete all work with the equipment on a "turnkey"
Area:Prosečna površina kompleksa 5.000-7.000 m2
Deadline:Bačka Toplola 2010., Loznica 2010.,Smederevo 2011., Mali Požarevac 2011.