Best Enterprise Award by the Europe Business Assembly

Through the initiative of Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford, UK, the International nagradaCommunity of business leaders and academics,
global ranking, consulting, marketing and publishing centre, the international ‘Prime Business Destinations: Investment, Innovations, business Process Improvement’ forum was held on the 29th of June, 2016 in Bad-Ems, Germany.

Realizing its mission to provide practical dialogue via business development and networking between professionals, leading regional companies, investors, and regional executive authorities, EBA gathered together successful regional businesses and institutions from 22 world countries. The best regional businesses with solid professional reputations shared their success stories with the target audience of companies’ CEOs and decision makers, and received well deserved European recognition from EBA experts and international business pools.
SMB-GRADNJA, D.O.O. Subotica is one of the best-known names in Central and Southeast Europe construction industry. The quality policy of the company aims to supply distinguished service by executing works in the field of building, civil and hydro construction and a high level of consumers’ satisfaction.

EBA is proud to present SMB-GRADNJA, D.O.O. Subotica as a leading industry provider.

SMB-GRADNJA, D.O.O. Subotica has been awarded the Best Enterprise Award by the Europe Business Assembly for their strong position in the national market, the company’s status in international ratings, the utilisation of modern management technologies, high staff qualification levels and a successful marketing strategy.

The Best Enterprise Award project was established in 2000 to present the best regional companies to European business society. The main purpose of Europe Business Assembly is to highlight prominent companies and assist with their further promotion and entrance into the EBA community, along with assistance in attraction of partners from across the globe among EBA members due to the growing chain of subsidiaries and partners in 60 countries.

Award nominees are carefully selected by the EBA professional research team. Winners are determined though our ratings research, which includes media, social networks, internet, news and open statistic data analysis, as well as the recommendations of social organizations, institutions, Chambers of Commerce, branch associations and unions, educational institutions and the Experts Survey.

Mr. Predrag Petricevic, General Director‐Owner, was honoured as the Manager of the Year. Europe Business Assembly wishes SMB-GRADNJA, D.O.O. Subotica further successful development and rapid growth in the future.