In the industrial part of Niš, near the intersection of roads Niš-Leskovac, Niš-Pirot and Niš-Prokuplje, in a very short period of time we have managed to complete the construction of an outstanding shopping center.

On a 25,000m2 lot, in Medijana, Niš, along the Nišavariver, a remarkable shopping center was built in less than 100 days.

The building was constructed from prefabricated reinforced concreteelements with framing, in 6 to 24cm range. The entire building has pad foundation and reinforced concretegrooves.  The facade is covered with PVC thermal insulating membrane and bearing ribbed sheet metal. The flooring is industrial, 20cm thick.

There is also all the following infrastructure: Transformer station, heat substation and reinforced concreteunderground tank for fire-fighting water. The shopping center itself is among other, equipped with video surveillance, networked information system, fire sprinkler system with alert, anti-vandal system, sound system etc.

The external infrastructure was implemented on a 18,500m2 area out of which: 8,000m2 are transport routes, while the remaining are parking spaces, plateaus, green areas complete water, hydrant and sewage network.

project information:

Location:Niš (Serbia)
Investor:"BRICO SPEC" d.o.o. Beograd
Description of works:Complete all work with the external infrastructure on a "turnkey"
Area:Prodajni deo 4.500m2
Magacinski deo 2.000m2
Spoljno uređenje 18.500m2
Deadline:september 2009
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