As all others, SMB gradnja built this facility as well in the contacted period of time according to all standardsapplicable to these types of works.

The facility for feta cheese production was constructed by reconstruction of existing storage halls, by demolishing all walls and floors and installing completely new installations as well as flooring from Hegenes acid resistant tiles while all peripheral walls and pillars were covered with thermal panels. The entire plumbing, drainage networks and racks were made ofinox.

Within the facility, a ripening section was constructed according to the same standards. It also has all necessary racks for storing finished products.

project information:

Location:Subotica (Serbia)
Investor:"MLEKARA" ad Subotica
Description of works:The complete works other than automatic lines for the production of feta cheese.
Area:Bruto površina 1.150m2
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  • SMB Gradnja
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  • SMB Gradnja