At the old city landfill, in the proximity of the crossroads where paths to Romania, Subotica, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin intersect, SMB gradnja built an impressive production facility.

Once a landfill, now completely replaced with new materials, the 20 acre land is now the location of the new fully equipped Banini 2 production facility.

The bearing construction is a combination of prefabricated elements and monolithreinforced concrete construction.

The construction is partly lying on foundation grooves and partly on Franki piles.

Next to the building itself, there is the management building, made from all most contemporary materials. Transport routes, parking spaces, fence around the entire complex as well as complete infrastructure, water and hydrant, sewage network, public lighting and external transformer block as well as green areas make this facility complete.

project information:

Location:Kikinda (Serbia)
Investor:"BANINI" ad Kikinda
Description of works:ALL landscaping works
Area:Proizvodni deo 14.000m2
Skladište gotovih proizvoda 2.400m2
Upravna zgrada P+1 1.500m2
Uređenje kompleksa i saobraćajnice 20.000m2

Deadline:may 2009
  • Banini 02
  • Banini 01
  • Banini 05
  • Banini 03
  • Banini 06
  • Banini 04